Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Chic: Tall Dress Boot

Undoubtedly a must have for the winter season, a tall boot provides protection and warmth against the snow and cold; fashion is often sacrificed for function, and durability for luxury, when braving the elements, but an ultra-feminine way to stay chic when the temperature drops is with a tall dress boot.
1..Enzo Angiolini -Zeller in Black Suede
2. Jeanology by Newport News Denim Cape
3.  Jeanology by Newport News Mixed Media Skirt

Today's 1, 2, 3 Chic elements are a tall suede boot with ruching and bow detail, a denim cape and mixed media skirt with denim, lace and chiffon. This tall dress boot is pairs well with this trumpet style skirt; the 'flirty-ness' of the chiffon fabric glides and provides a playful peek of these suede beauties with every step.  The denim cape is the perfect topper to the ensemble, tying in with the denim of the skirt.
1, 2, 3 Chic!

1, 2, 3 Chic!
With such a dark grey-to-black neutral outfit, a pop of color is the perfect addition to this ensemble to really make it shine.  And if one pop of color (the gloves) can make an outfit shine, then two can really make it brilliant, and this I did with the belt, to break up the monochromatic grey while I wore the cape open.  A word of caution, when adding your color pop, limit your additions to two, and if you can, try a unique pairing: instead of a belt and boots, try a belt and gloves!

It takes a lot of Attitude to not just wear, but to be able to pull off bold earrings; if you go too big, they lose their appeal and overwhelm, if you don't go big enough, they lose their charm and get lost.  My advice is to find out what works best with you.  These filigree, teardrop-shaped pair of earrings, I use to create the illusion of a longer neck, which is attitude enough for me!

How I Styled It? 
1, 2, 3 Styling is easy when you buy items that have already been styled together; case in point, this denim cape and mixed media skirt.  I purchased the cape because I loved it, then had no idea with what I would wear with it, so I went back for the skirt.  The long silhouette of the skirt, I continued up top with the turtleneck, and below with the heeled boots.  The almond-toe of the boot, elongates my legs, where as a rounded-toe boot, would have truncated the look!  SN

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