Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pattern/Winter Chic: Plaid Cropped Wool Coat in Brown

A versatile piece for any winter wardrobe, a plaid patterned jacket adds a layer of depth to a cold weather ensemble and is a chic substitute to a solid neutral color or subdued alternative to a coat in a bold color.
1.  Mossimo Plaid Cropped Wool Coat in Brown Plaid from Target
2.  Attention suit slacks in Brown
3.  Mojo Moxy -Celebrity in Fuchsia
A fun pattern like plaid in a chic silhouette like this cropped wool coat (1) is a fabulous layering piece to cut the winter's chill.  Housing 3 neutrals color: brown, taupe and cream, brown bottoms (2) anchor the pattern in the coat while the pink shoes (3) keep the outfit from looking matchy-matchy.
1, 2 3 Chic!
1, 2, 3 Chic!

I love shoes, I love clothes, and I love bags!  One of my favorite type of bag is one that is convertible; depending on how I'm feeling, how I'm dressing or where I'm going, a convertible bag can play to one of my many moods and is a lot of fun, like this cross-body bag which I can attach to the upper loops for a longer purse, or the side loops (as shown left) for a fold-over cross-body bag.  Truth be known, I rarely wear a cross-body bag, and instead prefer a daytime clutch.  So instead of wearing this convertible purse as the cross-body as it was originally designed, I kept it folded and carried it as a clutch.  I could have removed the long strap (as I usually do when carrying a bag which is convertible like this), but decided to keep it with the bag should my morning walk through the park turn into a quick spot of shopping!

 How I Styled It?
1, 2, 3 Styling with a patterned coat is so easy when you use the colors that are already present in the plaid, such as the brown, taupe and off-white that are in this coat.  The brown pant and taupe jacket blend well because the color taupe is a mixture of brown and grey.  I love how the jacket serves as the 'blouse' when the jacket is zipped and tied, 'peeking' out from under the cropped sleeves of the jacket.  I went with the fuchsia shoes to brighten up this otherwise neutral ensemble.  SN

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