Sunday, April 28, 2013

Conservative Chic: Grey Sweatshirt 5 Ways

An absolute must for a dress down Friday is this Conservative look from Jill Martin's Today Show segment, 5 Ways to Make a Sweatshirt Look Sexy.  Casually sharp, the sweatshirt relaxes the look of business attire, bringing in a playful feel and a chic way to kick off the weekend!
1. Old Navy Tab-Sleeve Crew-Neck Sweater in Pale Grey
2.  Quizz Stretch hidden placket shirt with buckle
3a. Kmart -Attention Denim Suit Jacket
3b.  Kmart -Attention Denim Suit Pant
A denim suit (3a & b) is a comfortable, yet professional twist for a dress down day at work.  A crisp white shirt (2), elevates the casualness of denim, while the sweatshirt (1) keeps the ensemble form looking too stuffy, giving one a Conservative Chic look.
1, 2, 3 Chic!

1, 2, 3 Chic!

Timeless is the the style I wanted to achieve with today's look; I have always loved to see a man in a three piece suit, and with the opportunity to borrow from the men this morning (using the sweater as a vest), I used this satin scarf a a necktie.  Infusing some femininity into the look, I fastened the scarf with a scarf clip.

A little fashion history lesson here; along with vests with suits, men once wore fedoras to complete their ensemble, and as one half of fashion's premiere couples, President JFK bought a top hat for his inauguration, and unaccustomed to wearing such a hat, forgot to put it on for the ceremony, and American men followed to speak.  I love hats, and this herring bone fedora is the perfect to the pale grey sweater. 

How I Styled It?
1, 2, 3 Styling is easy when you have a look in mind; this outfit, which my photographer described to me as Gangster, Circa 1920, needed all these elements: The dark suit, the oversized white collar shirt, the short necktie, and of course the hat.  Not owning any brogues, my next shoe style to complete this look would have been my wing-tipped loafers or oxfords, both of which boast a 4-inch heel. Not wanting to distract from my outfit with pants that looked short because I wore too high a heel, I opted for these 3-inch, square-toed slingbacks that have a faux, lace-up detail, blancing out the masculine look with another feminine elelemt! SN

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