Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boho Chic: Tie-Dye Shorts

Boho Chic, or rusticly stylsih, is a look that once made a resurgence ever few years, but with it's constant updates in both color and cuts, it has since become a mainstay in the world of fashion.
1.  GAP -Sunkissed Tie-Dye Shots in Navy
2.  Old Navy -Crochet and Eyelet Tunic
3. GAP -Color-Blocked Clutch
Tie-dyed shorts get a sophisticated twist in a light, linen fabric with a deep, saturated color (1).  An airy, eyelet, cotton tunic with crochet inserts (2) continues the boho feel of the ensemble, while the color-blocked clutch, in a sleek design, gives the outfit a modern feel.

1, 2, 3 Chic!

How I Styled It? 

I wanted the overall look for my jaunt into boho chic-ness, to be relaxed; so from my over sized tunic to my tie-dyed shorts, which are reminiscent of a carefree era, it was an ideal ensemble to comb the beach.  The clutch today, serves as a tablet sleeve vice a purse, the wooden bangles, I collected over several years of searching Italian markets ( I love the rustic feel they give the look),  and the foot thong (a gift) is beaded with cowrie shell perfect beach 'shoe'.  SN

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