Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trend Chic: Cropped Top

Trends come and go, and on occasion they re-emerge; some trends we wish would go and stay gone forever, while others, we secretly wish would make a re-appearance.  But somewhere between the realms of, 'What was I thinking when I wore that!' and, 'I'd look good in that again!' are the styles we we once loved, but know, 'I would never be able to pull that off again'... unless that style was given a sophisticated update: here enters the cropped top!
1.  Pontielle Knit Cropped Sweater from an Italian Market
2.  Stradivarius Italia: High-Waisted Tie Front Shorts
3.  Type Z -Virginia in Cognac
A pontielle sweater in a neutral color (1) is quite possibly the best summer sweater.  When in a cropped silhouette, it is perfectly paired with high-waisted shorts (2).  Shooties are the ideal summer-to-fall transition piece, giving adequate coverage on those chilly mornings yet pedicure bearing in the midday heat.
1, 2, 3 Chic!

1, 2, 3 Chic!

How I Styled It?

I know I'll be dating myself, but it has been a good 20+ years since I've worn a mid-drift bearing top!  Time (and children) have left me with less than a stellar abdomen which is primarily why I haven't jumped on cropped-top bandwagon...but here I am, and it's not that bad.  Unlike the '80's belly bearing styles, the cropped-top trend is so doable due largely in part to the high-waisted shorts!  Belly buttons are out with this trend, replaced by a sliver of skin peeking out between the waist of the bottoms and the hem of the top, creating an overall look which is sleek and chic!  The shoes I chose because they seem to tie in with the theme of the outfit: Covered-up, yet exposed.  A cropped sweater, high-waisted shorts and peep-toe shooties are the perfect ensemble for that first hint of fall in the air!  SN

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