Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Terrific Color Trios: Mustard + Navy + Olive

Matching items of different color families can prove to be quite a task when trying to create the perfect color-blocked outfit.  Tones and shades of various colors can seem confusing when using a traditional color wheel, and the result maybe less than ideal when assembled.
1.  GAP -Linen Utility Skirt in Olive
2.  Banana Republic -Geo Print Halter Tank in True Navy
3.  Tex by Max Azria -Leather Belt in Mustard
Why this color combination works?
Choosing two out of the three primary colors (yellow, blue and red) is a great place to start when trying to combine colors.  When two primary colors combine (yellow and blue, for example), they create a secondary color (green).  Wearing a primary color such as blue, with it's secondary color, green, can be a beautiful color combination, but wearing these bright hues together can be daunting, especially when if you are not trying to make a color statement with your clothes.  One way to achieve a rich color palate, yet avoid looking like a box of crayons is to use a darker shade of each color.

Mustard, Navy and Olive, all darker shades of their respective color wheel members: yellow, blue and green, offer a sophisticated alternative when color-blocking.  Visually, the deeper tones have a warmer, less jarring appearance when juxtaposed, providing a more unified look when worn together.

How I Styled It?

Mixing colors and fabrics in today's 1, 2, 3 Styling was fun and easy after utilizing my Academichic color wheel.  The olive linen skirt (1) and the jersey print tank (2) create a beautiful pairing on their own, but the leather, mustard colored belt (3), adds a dimension of texture and color, bridging the two pieces of the ensemble. 

For my accessories, I love the stacked bracelets, and mix beaded ones in with my metallic pieces.  Instead of using a traditional watch, I love this Anne Klein charm bracelet (with a watch charm).

The sandals are by MIA in a bronze shade.  Mixing metallics isn't a fashion faux pas when the items are not worn in a close proximity.

I went with a navy satchel to round out the look.


For more color swatches and to explore your color world, visit the leading authority on color at Pantone.com!

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