Monday, September 23, 2013

Basic Chic: White Shirt

A must have for any wardrobe is a crisp white shirt.  An indispensable styling staple, a white shirt is so versatile that it can go from the boardroom to a black-tie affair with the right right co-ordinating pieces.
1. Metrostyle -Print Maxi Skirt
2. Quizzer -Belted Button Down Shirt
3.  Gathered Sequin Evening Bag
Fashion designer and style icon, Carolina Herrera, swears by a white shirt, and her signature look is built around it.  With trousers, the fashion diva recommends a men's cut shirt is more suitable, but for a pencil or formal skirt (1), then a fitted shirt (2) is in order.  A metallic purse is a neutral that easily pairs with prints.

How I Styled It?
Today's 1, 2, 3 Styling was not what I had originally intended when I purchased this skirt.  Sold as a convertible skirt/dress, I loved it more as a strapless-belted midi dress; I never would have imagined wearing a maxi skirt as something I would 'dress up', but this skirt certainly has a wow factor: from the structured waistband to the psychedelic print flowers, it is a beautiful pieceall around. 
When worn with a white shirt, the skirt really has the opportunity to shine.  Ordinarily, I would have added a belt to an ensemble such as this to cinch my waist and define the border of both pieces, but with the 'belt' that is attached to the blouse, the need for an actual belt was virtually eliminated.
Styling Tip:  The cuffs on this shirt came with button-links.  One way to add polish to a shirt, is by adding a pair of metal cuff-links!

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