Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Layering Chic: Tweed Puffer Vest

A chic twist on a cold weather staple, a tweed puffer vest is the perfect topper to a layered ensemble; lined in fleece, it adds an extra layer of warmth, and finished in a wool-bleed tweed, this puffer gives one a polished look.

1.  Walmart -George Oxford Shirt in Blackberry Stain Stripe
2.  Black Cashmere-Blend Cardigan (Italian Market)
3.  Old Navy -Tweed Pleated Mini Skirt
4.  Old Navy -Tweed Puffer Vest in Grey Tall
For a contrast in color, I started with this light purple oxford (1) which I buttoned all the way to the top and left untucked.  A neutral, black cardigan (2), adds both warmth and depth .  A tweed skirt (3), in the same color as the puffer (4), unifies the look.

Belt: Old Navy (similar)
Bag: Carpisa (Italia)
Hat: Auchan (Italia)
How I Styled It
Monochromatic dressing is a favorite of mine especially in the winter months.  Giving me the opportunity to do my "matchy-matchy thing", I relish the opportunity and take full advantage!
One key to dressing monochromatically is to mix textures or shades.  In this case, I chose a tweed puffer vest, a smooth tweed skirt, and a tweed newsboy cap, with black piping.  The puffy, smooth and piping collectively add a diversity in fabric although they are all the same color tweed.  The patchwork bag has a combination of fabrics in tweed, wool and corduroy in varying shades of grey and black.
The oxford shirt in a purple stripe, infuses color in this otherwise grey and black ensemble; buttoned all the way to the top, with an untucked hem and cuffs exposed, it gives visual appeal with the subtle splash of purple around the vest.
A cashmere cardigan is worth the investment because it adds a layer of warmth without adding bulk, which is key with a focal piece like a puffer vest.
The vest, I purchased in a tall to streamline the look; falling below my hips, there are no added inches to my waist or my hips.  I belted the vest because although very stylish, puffer vests are not particularly figure flattering.  The belt creates a slimming waist and visually breaks up the grey.  The black tights I used between the skirt and boots, echo the effect of the cardigan, and the OTK (Over-the-Knee) leather boots are a sleek winter essential.

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