Friday, February 7, 2014

Style Chic: Quilted Bomber Jacket

Originally made of a durable, leather fabric, designed with a wraparound collar, snug waist and wrists yet sporting a zipper closure, the Bomber Jacket (also known as flight jacket or bombardier jacket) was originally created for pilots during War War I, to keep them warm in the open bay cockpit.  Since its inception, the jacket has evolved into a chic statement piece and has become a staple in mainstream fashion.
1.  GAP -Chambray Quilted Bomber Jacket
2.  Attention -Woven Striped Shirt
3.  Old Navy -Pixie Velvet-Print Ankle Pant (Tall) in Navy Blue
A fun take on the bomber, this quilted, chambray piece (1) is the perfect staple in cool weather when paired with a crisp, striped button down shirt (2) and velvet-applique jeans (3) in a tonal hue.

1, 2, 3 Chic!
Shoes -Worthington -Dixie in Black
How I Styled It

I accidentally fell into today's 1, 2, 3 styling.  While out shopping, I happened along this chic bomber and tried it on while dressed in my blackwatch plaid suit.  I loved the overall look, but while I used the chambray shirt and loosened necktie to relax the blackwatch suit, that was not the way I wanted to go with such a relaxed piece as the bomber jacket. 

To sharpen the overall ensemble, I chose a striped buttoned-down shirt and used a bow-tie instead of a necktie.  These velvet-print pants with their luxe look and feel, instantly increase the chic factor in any outfit.  I used black accessories (hat, belt and shoes) to both unify and anchor the look

Style Tip: Remember, when dressing monochromatically, vary your fabrics and textures to add interest and depth to your ensemble!


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