Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trend Chic: Leopard Print Belt

The right accessory in the right color can make or break an outfit; it can tie seemingly unco-ordinated pieces together or add that extra umph to an ensemble taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.  One accessory which possesses these amazing transformative abilities is a leopard print belt.
1. Denim Snap Front Shirt
2. Merona -Leopard Print Calf Hair Belt
3.  Tan A-Line Mini Skirt
 Leopard has made several resurgences in the world of fashion, so much so in fact, that leopard is considered to be a new 'neutral'.  If unsure where to embrace this trend a leopard belt (2) is an ideal place to start.  Pair it with a light tone neutral, like this tan skirt (3) or with chambray shirt (1), another neutral, for an understated expression of fashion.  Looking to make a bold statement?  Trying pairing these three neutrals for an unexpected chic ensemble.
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti -E10334, Leopard Print Pony Hair Sandals

Tips for Styling Leopard Print
Pulling off prints can be tricky.  Oft times one walks the line between chic and fashion disaster if a harmonious balance isn't struck.  A mantra that has popped up recently in the world of fashion has been, Go bold or go home', but with leopard, that is not the advice one should heed.
In the case of accessories, one or two pieces max, should give one enough 'taste' of the print, with out going overboard; be sure to restrict similar prints to opposite halves of your ensemble, for example, belt and shoes, shoes and clutch, belt and hat.  In today's 1, 2, 3 styling, a purse and belt, in such a close proximity to one another, would have drawn comparison between the print size, and instead of looking thoughtfully pulled together, the ensemble would have looked haphazardly thrown together.
When wearing leopard clothing, stick to one piece.  The 'wild' print is a statement piece in of itself, and doesn't need 'co-ordinating' pieces to distract from it.  If you want to enhance the leopard print, pair it with neutrals such as black, brown, tan or chambray.  If you want to have fun with it, pair it with a bright fuchsia or pink or a deep red or oxblood to add sophistication to your outfit!

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