Sunday, October 13, 2013

Versatile Chic, 1 Shirt Dress 5 Ways: A Dress

When the 3.1 Phillip Lim and Target collaboration debuted, I wanted to purchase several pieces of the collection, but with a growing wardrobe and ever shirking closet space (and funds), it just wasn't feasible, but I wondered if I could find a single piece and re-invent it (like the grey sweatshirt I wore 5 ways earlier this year), so I could truly maximize the mileage out of this designer piece, and the Floral Print Shirt Dress is what I chose.
1.  3.1 Phillip Lim for Target -Shirt dress, Floral Print
2.  Mossimo Supply Co. -Single Perforated Belt in Teal
3.  Zara -Large Braided Shopper in Black
Inspired after reading the description of the dress online,

(1) "Chic, sophisticated and fabulously feminine: the shirt dress, reimagined. The shirt dress in paper floral print from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection embodies the best of this classic silhouette through a thoroughly modern lens. Off with the traditional oxford collar, away with the ho-hum hemline. This lovely dress features a full-length hidden zipper, traditional men's-tailored front and inset flounce in back." 

I began to think of ways in which I too, could 'reimagine'  this shirt dress, and for my first look, I decided to style it the way it was originally intended, as I dress.  Paired with a teal belt (2) to play off  of the teal subtleties in the delicate floral pattern of the piece, I rounded out the ensemble with an over-sized leather shopper (3) to balance out the femininity of the look.
Shoes: Kors by Michael Kors -Newton in Black

How I Styled It?

This beautiful dress has so much going on with it, that to add more, would be a distraction from the statement piece that it is.  From the delicate floral print and mandarin collar, to the flounce skirted hem, the cut and style truly is a work of art.  I added a slim belt to create a 'waist' for my otherwise straight frame.

Style Tip:
Using open-toe wedges such as these is a great way to 'lengthen' your legs. Visually, the eye is drawn from the hem of the skirt, all the way down to the toes, creating the illusion that your gorgeous gams go on forever!

Earlier this year, I wrote about the versatility of a sweatshirt and how, with the right pieces and accessories, one could wear a Grey Sweatshirt 5 Ways, achieving several chic looks: Bohemian (Boho), Conservative, Diva, Preppy and Rocker.


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